Beer Babe Custom frame bag

I was looking for a frame bag for my Rudy Fat for the BB200 event. I had bumped into at a number of events over the summer and had noticed her custom bags. Beer babe makes the bags out of used inner tubes. The process of getting a custom bag was simple…I emailed Judy […]

Review of SP PD-8X Dynamo hub with K-Lite 1000/600lm light and Sineway USB charger

When looking for a light to go with my dynamo hub the obvious choice was the K-lite, compact, light weight and the choice of riders in the Tour Divide. The only choice I had to make was the setup. I decided to go for the brightest 1000/600lm light with a Sineway USB charger for my […]

BB200 Bivvy bike setup

Okay, you might have seen a few pictures I have posted recently for the BB200 event. I have my kit pretty much sorted now and have loaded the bike up with what I intend to use for the event for the first time…altogether. Up until this point I have ridden the Rudy Fat with different […]