Sinewave Revolution – UK

Travers Bikes are the UK importers for the kLite dynamo light system. Most riders when touring or commuting also want to charge USB devices whether it be a GPS, Phone or battery backup. The choice of most riders in the Tour Divide use the Sinewave Revolution which offers a simple bombproof solution. Travers Bikes now […]

kLite UK Stockist

Lots of kLite Dynamo systems in stock! Who Are kLite? kLite are a small Australia firm who design and make all their products in Australia and which just so happen to be the best and brightest in the world. The USB Dynamo setup has won nearly all of the unsupported endurance events in the […]

kLite Dynamo lights at Travers Bikes

Travers Bikes are now importing the amazing Dynamo Light system, they are “Go to” light used on many self-supported endurance events such as the TransAM and Tour Divide. You can also power and charge you USB devices on the move. The kLite setup not only makes for a perfect wild camping system but also […]

Subtle Nextie Jungle Fox rims on Boost Hope hubs

I have built quite a few Nextie Jungle Fox 29+ rims on Hope hubs recently but this is the first set with Hope Boost hubs front and back with green nipples and Black on Black graphics. The Black graphics with the gloss finish give a really subtle classy look.