Travers DIRTi Full Build

The DIRTi has been in development for about 2 years well before the “Gravel” craze took off! the concept behind the DIRTi frame was to produce a long distance road bike that could be handle both on and off road. To be honest, the DIRTi frame fills a frustration of mine, when out on my […]

RUSSTi – Full Build

Using code “Lucky5” at the checkout the first 5 RUSSTi bikes sold will get a £300 discount. Expected shipping date 15/09/16 RRP £2899 Prong, £3399 Lauf (with discount £2599 Prong £3099 Lauf) The legendary RUSSTi titanium frame has now arrived as a complete bike build! Don’t you just love the rush of getting a […]

Brighton Big Dog

What a fantastic event the Brighton Big Dog is, great atmosphere, great course and perfect weather.  Lots of interest in the bikes and frames on the Travers Bikes stand, Surprisingly the new Road Elite Stealth and New DIRTi gravel bike had the most attention (surprising as it was a MTB event). Myself and Graham Heath […]