Exciting News!

After the success of round 1 we have decided to move the race on the 16th June to Hadleigh Park (round 4). That means 3 of the rounds will now be held on the Olympic course! Entry for Round 2 closes in 7 hours! https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events?series_id=428 Lauf Forks Hadleigh Park traversbikes.com Nextie Bike Creative Cycling Southern […]

Carbon Hoops

Originally posted on Russ Welch :
You will hear it time and time again when people talk about the most important bits of a bike. Wheels Wheels Wheels. It makes total sense to me they are the bit that does the most moving. My bike has XT fitted in the main,┬áif I moved up to XTR…

Segment Slam Winners Jersey

Whoop Whoop…overall “Segment Slam” winner Jersey made by Creative Cycling . The winner will be whoever scores the most points across all the rounds wins the Jersey and a pair of Lauf Forks ! You dont necessarily have to be the fastest to win, just the most consistent. Entry for Round 1 closes Friday, Entry […]

That’s Torn it

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I have taken a little time to start this piece, let’s just say the week end didn’t go well. Those that race will know the kind of day. Your up the weather is great your feeling great. You get to the venue early steady preride. Course is great. It’s at…