Beer Babe Custom frame bag

I was looking for a frame bag for my Rudy Fat

Beer babe bespoke frame bag on a Rudy Fat
Beer babe bespoke frame bag on a Rudy Fat

beerbabe-frame-bag beerbabe-front-zip-open-bespoke beerbabe-logo custom-bag-waterproof-frame custom-beerbabe-inner-tube-bag custom-frame-bag-open-beerbabe for the BB200 event. I had bumped into at a number of events over the summer and had noticed her custom bags. Beer babe makes the bags out of used inner tubes.

The process of getting a custom bag was simple…I emailed Judy about the bag and we arranged to sort it out at the Brighton Big Dog race. I stopped by her stall mid race (I was doing the Fat Bike pairs), Judy took a few photos and measurements then handed the bike back, it couldn’t have taken more then 2 mins. As you can see from the photos the bag fits like a glove. The zip can be opened from either end which is handy, there is a divider midway along the bag (about where the top of the bottle is).

So far I have only used it on shorter rides, the BB200 is at the weekend so I will give it a proper test then.


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