Travers Bikes Prong 29 carbon fork

The Travers Bikes Prong 29 has been designed from the ground up to be the perfect weight weenie upgrade for your 29er or 29+ (plus) bike weighing in at only 639g it will knock about 1kg off a bike with front suspension. The prong 29 is also ideal as a winter upgrade for your MTB, […]

BB200 Bearbones bike set up

I am getting my Rudy Fat 29+ ready for the BB200 in a couple of weeks. Everything is fitted except for the USB charger for the Garmin but the cable are in place. The bivy and sleeping bag will go on the Anything cages mounted to the Prong 29 forks. I will also be […]

What tyre rim combination can you run on a Fat Bike?

I have updated the Tyre/Chainset information for the “Fat Race” 26″ Fat bike. The frame can now handle 29+ tyres too! I have set out what tyres you can run with each chainset 3x 2x 1x (and the ideal chainline). I have also worked out the tyre compatibility for each tyre with different size rims […]