Essex Summer Evening Series

Essex Summer Evening series Round 4 ESES (Don’t forget change of venue, now at Hadleigh Park) Online entries close tomorrow. Anyone can enter, you do not need to ride any/all the other rounds., Creative Cycling, Lauf Forks, Southern Ecological Solutions – SES, Hadleigh MTB Club and Hadleigh Park

Exciting News!

After the success of round 1 we have decided to move the race on the 16th June to Hadleigh Park (round 4). That means 3 of the rounds will now be held on the Olympic course! Entry for Round 2 closes in 7 hours! Lauf Forks Hadleigh Park Nextie Bike Creative Cycling Southern […]

Segment Slam Winners Jersey

Whoop Whoop…overall “Segment Slam” winner Jersey made by Creative Cycling . The winner will be whoever scores the most points across all the rounds wins the Jersey and a pair of Lauf Forks ! You dont necessarily have to be the fastest to win, just the most consistent. Entry for Round 1 closes Friday, Entry […]