Potash GO-MTB and Novice ace

What is it?

GO-MTB is basically where you just turn up and take part at an event, you don’t need a license or insurance (it’s part of the entry fee). There are no points for the races, it’s just a bit of fun. Many people in the race event won’t have raced before. You need to be over 16 to enter the event.
Novice races are basically the same thing but for under 16’s, turn up, give it a try, have some fun.

Sounds great but a bit scary!

Everyone is in it together, the GO-MTB and Novice race will be held before the main event, so it will just be you out there. The whole idea is to give people a chance to try the sport or to try racing in a more relaxed environment without the faster riders around.

when is the next event

The Next GO-MTB/Novice event is the Potash Spring Classic on the 16th April. The GO-MTB/Novice race will take place before the main event. You will be given training from 09:00-10:45 before your event which starts at 10:45 and will last 30 mins. Training is included in the price of the entry fee, just £15 for adults and £10 for Under 16’s.

okay, say I get the bug, anymore events planned?

Indeedy, 2 days later is the start of the ESES (Essex Summer Evening Series). The course will be the same as used for the Potash Spring Classic but will run in the opposite direction. The ESES will be a night race but don’t worry the GO-MTB/Novice race will be run in the light (no need for lights).

And after that?

You can join in the main ESES races, you will have had a chance to see the main race and it isn’t really that scary, it quickly spreads out and you can ride at your own speed. You need to be 14 years old or older to take part in the ESES.

Lets do this…what do I need?

First off you need to enter the Potash Spring Classic GO-MTB or Novice race.

  • Do I need the latest bikes, skin tight lycra etc? – Nope just a bike that can handle off road conditions and is in mechanical working order, as for the clothing, wear whatever you feel comfortable in.
  • Do I really need to wear a helmet? – Oh yes, nobody will be allowed on the course without one, no exceptions!
  • What do I need to do on the day? – The training starts at 09:00, you need to allow time to give your bike a check over and sign-on before the event.
  • Sign-on? – Yes, you will need to go to the Travers Bikes blue gazebo, where you will find a table with numbers on, sign your name against the appropriate box and pick up your number board (cable ties will be supplied and we can help you with this if needed). You will also be able to pick up your t-shirt if you ordered one.

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