Day 4th in Dyfi

Steve Day Race report…

Feels great to get some hills in the legs today at Dyfi Winter Warm Up… Pace was really hot up front and there was no way I was staying with it, especially after what felt like a right mince down the first couple of descents – I guess that’s the result of living in the flatlands, but got my lines back soon after and felt much more at home! Snow spiced things up a bit on the drive there, but simply added to the fun out on the trails. Traversbikes.Com RUSSTi & Lauf Forks were ace again… so too was the combo of VEE’s Crown Gem up front and Bulldozer out back – riding just off line in the snow allowed the ‘dozer to really dig in.
Can’t complain at 4th man back, but much respect to singlespeed Steve Chapman – he was flying (second back and a good 10minutes in front of me)!!!,, Jersey Pocket Nutrition Ltd, VeeTireCo UK, Fibrax Limited, Squirt Chain Lube, Lauf Forks, Exposure Lights, EDS Bikes, Hope Technology Ltd


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