Bike Packing gear, not just for overnight rides = Bye Bye Backpacks

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I’ve never been a fan of back packs, whether it be for walking, climbing or biking but they are the necessary evil that haunts us every time we head outdoors.

Let’s face it even the very best ones are heavy (when loaded), restrictive, sweaty, uncomfortable, and get in the way of free movement. And I love the excuse “it will protect my back in a crash” yeh right, as if you’d land exactly on it, your more likely to have it try and pull your arm out of your socket when you crash…… Or simple don’t crash.

So, this winter it’s bye bye backpacks on bike rides and making full use of my bike packing gear.

Bike Packing gear = Not just for overnight rides…….

With tomorrows forecast saying that is will be a dry start then turning wet after an hours riding, I could do as roadies do and…

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