Travers RUSSTi 27.5+ Rims

The RUSSTi 27.5+ Rim is the perfect rim for any 27.5+ bike. Specially designed to seamless integrate with our RUSSTi 27.5+ frame.

The RUSSTi rim is tubeless compatible (add a rim tape/strip once the rim is built into a wheel)

  • Weight: 760g
  • Width External: 55mm
  • Internal Width: 50.5mm
  • Rim Depth: 20mm
  • ERD: 556.4mm
  • Disc Only
  • Spoke hole count: 32
  • Finish: Black Anodised
  • Eyelets: None
  • Valve Hole: Presta
  • Tyre Width: 2.8″ – 3.25″

The RUSSTi Rims are made from 6069 Alloy. Why…here’s why…

1. Improved Tensile Yield Strength (TYS):
6069 offers 45% higher TYS. This means that a 6069 rim can be built thinner with equitable strength. i.e lighter, improved performance. Alternatively a profile can be designed with equivalent thickness of a 6061 rim with significantly improved stiffness and strength. This means:
-Less likelihood of spoke hole crack propagation (a common defect)
-Significantly improved longevity and performance
2. Improved Fatigue
6069 is the alloy with greatest fatigue strength qualities. As much as 50% better than 6061 (a common alloy used in rim production). No current aluminum alloy can offer superior fatigue to 6069. This means:
-Dramatic improvements in durability and longevity
3. Ultimate Tensile Strength

Refers to the maximum force it takes to break a rim. 6069 offers 40% better performance than 6061. This makes for a stiffer, structurally stronger rim, which means:
– significantly reduced chance of snakebite
– significantly reduced chance of taco-ed rim


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