Travers DIRTi Full Build

The DIRTi has been in development for about 2 years well before the “Gravel” craze took off! the concept behind the DIRTi frame was to produce a long distance road bike that could be handle both on and off road. To be honest, the DIRTi frame fills a frustration of mine, when out on my road bike I would see a cool looking off road trail snaking away but being on the road tyres I could only wonder where it went but now with the DIRTi I (you) can explore further a field.

The DIRTi is designed around a standard 12 x 142 MTB disc hub so there is a massive selection to choose from. The frame also comes as standard with a 68mm wide PF30 BB so it can be run with a road 30mm BB axle or easily converted to a single speed set-up with an aftermarket Eccentric Bottom Bracket. The best thing about the DIRTi frame is that it can easily adapt to different styles of ridding. You can run the frame with either a Single or Double chainset, the cable mounts can be easily removed for a clean set up for single speed or 1x front chain ring (and gears at the back) or added to to take extra cables. The seat tube is drilled so you can run a internal cable for a dropper post or a Di2 battery.

Detailed information on the DIRTi frame.

Bike featured in the photographs is a 53cm size


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