Lauf Forks 4000 miles in

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It was early last year (2015) that I heard about Lauf Forks and their new leaf (lauf) springs that were new to the market, offering light, maintenance free trail absorbance comfortable off road riding.

With my Brand Ambassadorship with Michael and Travers Bikes I spoke via the interent with Lauf and hooked the two companies together and I started my obsession in the unusual.


First to arrive were my 29er Trail Racers pictured above these went on my 29er Travers Rudy.


It was joined in June by a 2nd one, this time a Carbonara Fat Bike fork that went on my new Travers Bat Fastard 5″ Fat Bike


I would be the first to admit that I didn’t think that suspension forks on a Fat Bike were needed but the Lauf Carbonara really changes the goal posts, they are amazing bringing any rigid bike to life with no weight addition.

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