ESES 2016 – Prize Draw

ESES Final Round! I know, where has the summer gone…no really, where has it gone!

Now for the fun bit, Raffle Prize: What do you need to do to win something? Either, Enter the race, marshal or help setup the course up. A raffle ticket corresponding to your race number (marshals/helpers add your name to the signing on sheet after the race) will be drawn after the overall prizes have been awarded. The prize photo list is below.

Thanks to Lauf Forks, Fibrax Limited, Creative Cycling,, NEXTIE and Southern Ecological Solutions – SES

If you are not at the race to collect your prize it will be chucked back in the pot!

Anyone can marshal, still lots of free t-shirt available for those who help out and support the series.

Only the Senior Male and Under 16’s Female Category winners are confirmed. The other categories and placing are up for grabs with 5 men still in with a chance for 2nd overall and any of the top 3 in the under 16’s male class can still take the win. Sue and Jo Hitchen can both win the women’s overall.

Big opportunity for a under 16’s female rider! so far there have only been 2 riders in the series, 3rd place on the podium is still up for grabs (there is a trophy!)


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