Battle on the Beach 2016

Thanks to Matthew Page for running another great Battle on the Beach. It was a cracking weekend. The Saturday night race worked great and created a great atmosphere to kick the weekend off. Like big kids myself, Graham Heath Heathy and Iain Webb headed out onto the beach before the race started to enjoy the sun set and some guilt free skids on the sand!

Race day arrived after a chilly nights sleep in the tent, the plan to do a proper warm up then turn up to the line with 20 mins to go was a bit silly as we were literally at the back of the field and by the time the race started my legs were cold again anyway!

The course flowed better this year with less of a bottle neck at the first singletrack, saying that there literally was no point on the track you could recover as the downhills were very short and sand which needed your full concentration making a tough race even harder.

I dragged myself round on the Fat Race to 12 place (out of 96) in the Fat Bike category and top third overall.

Thanks to everyone who came over for a chat at our gazebo, it was nice to put some names to faces. Lots of test rides were had. The new Lauf Forks TR Boost forks stirred up lots of interest.

Roll on next year!


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