Travers RussTi

Russ Welch

I’m majorly happy, for a number of reason which I hope that these next few words will convey.

Mike Travers has been looking to refine the already great Rudy and bring it up to date with current trends and thoughts.

With some clever engineering he has managed to repackage the range of MTB frames he produces into two options (not including the full fat bikes.)

The RussTi is born.

Russ Ti


In simple terms there are two options available for the RussTi the 27+ and the 29+

The 27+ is designed to take as you would expect a 27+inch wheel and the 29+ has an extended chassis to be able to fit 29+ tyres

However as an added bonus the 27+ has the space for normal 29er tyres. meaning that with a wheel change you can have either wide 27 inch rubber or standard 29 inch

Plus size is where the big buzz is at…

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