The 1st World Championship Beach Race. Just 33 days away…..

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November 14th 2015 see’s the 1st World Championship Beach Race over in Holland.

World Championship Beachrace

At 11.30am 750 riders will all line up on a very wide start line and head off for 50 fast paced kilometres (31 miles)

The race will have 748 Cyclo cross style beach racer bikes and modified mountain bikes all with around 2.3″ wide slick beach tyres, some of those are semi pro racers, plus Michael Travers and I possibly the only two entrants on full on Fat Bikes as we’ve been invited by the organisers to help promote Fat Bikes for beach riding over there, OK so we have to pay for the ferry, food and fuel but as the event is now full and we are the only two Brits riding the race at least I’ll get to stand on a podium as a high finishing British rider and looking at the bikes that they use over there maybe I’ll stand on the Fat Bike podium as…

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