Fat Bike, yet another niche

John Climber's Cycling & Photography Blog

Fat bikes are a fairly new niche of bike to the off road cycling community, originally designed to ride on snow over in Alaska, then they were found to be fantastic on Alaskan beaches in the summer months. Once videos of these rides hit YouTube they started to spread across the world

After riding a Surly Pugsley (steel) Fat Bike back in 2008 I fell in love. I fitted a fat wheel on the front of another bike but it wasn’t quite the same as the rear wheel as it still sank into the sand on my local beaches here in Merseyside, then Salsa released their all aluminium Mukluk (which won’t rust like steel on salty beaches) in 2010 and I imported the first one into the UK. I rode that bike for well over 5000 miles getting many strange looks and comments along the way, but all good things…

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