Reservoir ‘Big’ Dogs

Cycling, Mountain Biking for Traver's Bikes

It’s tough to describe the Brighton Big Dog Course, set in the beautiful Stanmer Park outside Brighton the 10km lap is set on the hillside snaking its way through old oaks and then breaking out onto lush open meadow. Sounds beautiful doesn’t it? It is. The issues start when you ride it. The course is like an MC Escher drawing of endless stairs, with each flight getting steeper and steeper. The trail behind you seemingly disappearing into the pit of your own personal despair.”

Not sure what I mean? Remember this picture from when you were a kid? Well that’s the feeling you get riding the course.escher-staircase

Returning from a fast hard lap, changing over speaking to one of the other riders wearing a Travers jersey during the six hour race, conversations would go something like this.

“Dear God that was a lot of climbing…. “

“Seriously steep too, huh?”

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