Bespoke titanium MTB / Road / FAT or Plus frame

Travers bikes just made it easier to create your dream titanium bike frame. There are 2 set prices, 1499 for Road CX and Toring and £1599 for MTB, Fat and Plus size frame.

Travers Bikes bespoke titanium frames
Travers Bikes bespoke titanium frames


Create your Dream Frame

How to create your dream frame…there are a couple of ways.

  • Maybe the bike you currently have is great but you wish it had an extra centimeter in the top tube, longer headtube or different bottom bracket. Send me the Brand and name or spec of your current steed and what you would like to change and I can create the CAD from for your approval from this.
  • Another option would be, you have been for a bike fit, send me that information and we can take it from there.
  • You have tested/seen one of our stock models and want to tweak that, dont worry I am not precious. I can use what is already an amazing frame and mold it into your dream machine.
  • There are so many option, email me (Michael) to discuss what you would like.
  • Prices and Whats Included

    Road, CX, and Touring frames £1499
    MTB, Fat and Plus frames £1599

    You can spec any BB*, headtube/set, geometry, seat post size etc you like.

    Travers Bikes uses Ti3A1-2.5V tubing and will advise you on tube size depending on your needs and type/style of riding.

    •Eccentric Bottom Brackets are extra

    Whats Extra

    Not much!
    The frames are finished with a brushed smooth finish, for polished or painted contact us for prices.
    EBB are extra – The Travers EBB is £175
    S&S Couplers (contact us for prices)
    Naming/logos – There are so many options, You can have a design engraved into the headtube, or sandblasted into the top/down tube. We can also create graphics to go on the frame or a combination of all 3! We can handle the artwork.

    What Next?

    Email Travers Bikes with as much information as you have regarding the frame. There is no commitment, if you just want to kick around some ideas that fine.

    If you decide to go ahead then we will produce a CAD drawing for approval and a 50% deposit is needed at this point. Don’t worry you can still make changes, quite often the drawing will come back and you suddenly think you might like another set of bottle cages or a mount for your Go Pro camera…that’s fine, nothing is set in stone until you give the final approval (You can make 3 changes without additional charges).

    After the frame is approved, the frame is hand built, this takes around 10 weeks plus delivery (12ish weeks in total). It can vary a little depending on how busy we are but we will keep you informed along the whole process.


    All our Bespoke titanium frames are covered by the same Lifetime Warranty that our off the shelf frames.

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