Praxis 11-40 Cassette mid term update

Russ Welch

Quick update on the Cassette I have been running for a while now.  Not often I pick on a specific consumable item and turn the spotlight on it. If you have read my previous blogs I was hoping to be running XT 1×11 by now and have had it for Bonty 24hrs. The supply of XT didn’t make that possible so I had to look elsewhere. Mike Travers is able to source a lot of stuff these days so there were a number of options including big single add on cogs from Absolute black and Hope, Absolute Blacks replacement cluster for the top three on a standard XT cassette. Mike posted me a comment about Praxis’s 11-40 10 speed cassette a far few week before Bonty and I thought ‘thats it’ no facing with having to remove a 17t cog. A purpose built quality wide range option for us Shimano lovers…

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