A beginners guide to Endurance racing

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Beginners guide to Endurance Racing.

So, Look. When you hear about endurance racing it can sound pretty terrifying, solo efforts over 24 hours with zero hours sleep through mud and rain is pretty off putting, and don’t get me wrong a good number of my friends have that level of commitment and focus to pull that sort of thing off. But Endurance Racing doesn’t have to start that way. Endurance racing believe it or not has one of the best ways of breaking you in gently introducing the idea of racing for longer periods of time in an unbelievably supportive atmosphere. Stick with me.

I never got Formula 1 Motor Racing, racers going flat out for two some hours with spectators sitting in one spot watching cars fly past. Now the Le Mans 24hr race that was a different story. The race is 24 hrs long for a start, so…

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