Travers 29er+ Angus (Rudy Fat) 18 month and still perfect

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Sorry about the quiet month of blogging, my new job is going fantastically well, I’m really enjoying it and there is a lot to learn, so it’s taking up most of my non riding time.

But it’s about time I reviewed my Travers Angus 29er+ (Rudy Fat) as I’ve had it 18 months now.

It all started around March 2014 when I was getting ready to go north to Coastkid’s Fat Forth annual ride, I knew there would be 2 or 3 of the all new Surly Krampus 29er+’s there and I have a few rides on them, they were good, but heavy.

At the ride Tyler from Surly was over and while talking about bike packing with a Krampus, he told me to wait as they had something in the pipeline, this turned out some months later to be the Surly ECR, perfect for what I wanted, but still steel…

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