ESES Round 3

Thank you to everyone that helped out last night the round 3 of the ESES was a great success, conditions were dry and fast.

ESES round 3
ESES round 3

a-eses-rnd-3 aa-eses-rnd-3 b-eses-rnd-3 c-eses-rnd-3 d-eses-rnd-3 eses-rnd-3-1 eses-rnd-3-36 eses-rnd-3-brad-2 eses-rnd-3-brad-26-inch eses-rnd-3-dave-foxhall eses-rnd-3-dave-green eses-rnd-3-gavin-thomas eses-rnd-3-hadleigh-2 eses-rnd-3-hadleigh eses-rnd-3-jane-brockman-2 eses-rnd-3-jane-brockman eses-rnd-3-kev-off-line eses-rnd-3-kevin eses-rnd-3-pete-gavin eses-rnd-3-pete-stiff eses-rnd-3-pond eses-rnd-3-russ-jones eses-rnd-3-youth-start tape-eses-rnd-3logos-race


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