Carbon Hoops

Russ Welch

You will hear it time and time again when people talk about the most important bits of a bike. Wheels Wheels Wheels.

It makes total sense to me they are the bit that does the most moving.

My bike has XT fitted in the main, if I moved up to XTR it may save a few grams but its unlikely to make me that much quicker. However the same amount of investment in wheels would, so I have upgrades from my Stans Crests on Hope pro2 with double butted 3 cross spokes to something much more tasty.

Michael Travers has just become the UK importer for Nextie carbon rims and discussions on what to build up started very late last year. Obviously I have a budget so the initial thoughts of Extralite hubs and sapim Superspokes fell by the way side. In the end with Travers also being an OEM stockist…

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