My Welsh Ride Thing 2015 – over a rainy Bank Holiday weekend

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The Welsh Ride Thing or WRT known to those in the know is an annual 3 day and 2 night ride out in the middle of Wales.

It’s organised by Stuart and Dee of Bear Bones Bike Packing and has been going since 2009

Event info

Back in 2010 4 brave Woollybacks set out

But this year it started in Winter when the event was opened and I entered then forgot all about it.

On April the 1st an email dropped in to the 160 riders who had entered email in boxes. This email contained 20 different grid references and 8 one kilometre squares where a token had been hidden in an “obvious place”

Several route options were looked into and planned, but the week before gave a bad weather forecast for the whole of the weekend, because of this around 120 met up in a field owned by Bear bones…

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