New fighting iron (well Ti)

Great review from Travers Brand Ambassador Russ

Russ Welch

My 2015 Travers bikes Rudy has arrived with some key updates over the current Rudy I’m riding.

Mike (Travers) and I have had many a discussion on the topics of chainstay lengths head angles and BB height along with the planned technical changes to the frame for 2015.

After 25 years of racing and riding MTBs I’m was until recently pretty blind to what makes a bike handle in terms of geometry I knew what felt good or bad but I was less than sure about the why.

After many a day and night spent researching in the webnetthingy I had to concede to Mike on his choice of geometries for the Rudy they are about as extreme as you get on a 29er rig the chainstays are shorter the bottom bracket lower and even the head angle is steeper than the norm these days. What I’m gradually learning however…

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