Potash Segemnt Slam

The Potash Race is just over a week away on the 26th April

The new “Segment Slam” banners arrived today.
What is it? Basically its a Strava section, whoever completes the section fastest during the race will win a free cake, supplied by the lovely people at Its a Cupcake thing. The idea is to offer everyone a chance to win something even if you are not competing for the win.

The Potash “Segment Slam” will be about 200m long on a downhill section! Strava is the judge. whoever is top wins, if 2 people have the same time the rider with the highest overall position in the race will win the prize.

The “Segment Slam” will also run during the ESES with a Lauf Forks​ Trail Racer fork as first prize across the series plus an overall winners Jersey.


There is still plenty of time to enter just £12 online or on the day £14


Potash Spring Classic Segment Slam
Potash Spring Classic Segment Slam



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