It’s all about the bike

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Your old school cycling anti hero said in his book “it’s not about the bike”

We all know now that in this case it definitely was true and “it’s not about the bike”

Well I want to tell you that I don’t do drugs, I eat chocolate & drink fizzy pop.

Recently I’ve made some good friends at Travers Bikes and Lauf Forks, I was riding my new Rudy 29er titanium frame fitted with the very unique Trail Racer 29er forks on the lightweight wheels, Brooks Cambium C17 saddle and gear off my old and very stiff Niner race bike.

Let’s just say it looks weird and one racer (off the TV 😉 ) says it looks like a monstrosity but I can confirm that it rides like a dream.

So, until this weekend, this decidedly average rider lined up with 600 other riders for this years Battle on the Beach race in South Wales. On the start list were some semi pro…

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