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I’m 47 and not getting any younger, my Niner Air 9 scanduim framed and carbon forked “race” mountain bike although very fast it wasn’t getting any comfier on my old bones, and when I say race it was much faster than I could ever ride it but I didn’t hang around on it at all.

The frame and fork found a new home with a much younger and fitter Ian over in Sheffield and it’s already built up and rolling

So, calling in a couple of favours from Michael of Travers Bikes UK and Gudberg of Lauf forks over in Iceland, I built myself up a 25lbs replacement 29er using the Travers Rudy 29er titanium frame and carbon & glass fibre leaf (lauf) sprung Trail Racer 29er fork.

I used all of the 3 x 9 gearing, Thompson seat post, Brooks Cambuim C17 rubber saddle, Avid BB7 brakes and the Stan’s Flow wheels with American Classic hubs off…

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