Terry arrived today

No Travers bike build is the same!

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After selling my scandium frame and carbon fork from my Niner Air 9 last week to Ian in Sheffield and using the money (and more but don’t tell the wife) towards a new frame, fork and handlebar set up.

The Niner’s drive train, wheels, seat post, stem, Brooks C17 saddle went onto the new Travers Rudy titanium 29er frame, this was matched up with the new Lauf Fork 29er Trail Race fresh in from my new friends in Iceland, some great splayed drop bars from Ison and having it well built up by our Local Bike Shop Thatto’s of St Helens.

I’ve only had a little ride around the block, up and down the grass near home in my work clothes before the big rides out on it this weekend with a review to follow to see how much “trail buzz” the carbon Lauf (Leaf spring) fork and titanium frame 29er get ride of especially on exactly…

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