2000+ miles and all’s well

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My Travers Angus has now topped 2000 miles since I picked it up of Michael Travers early this summer.

The only changes I’ve made since new have been to replace the prototype belt drive (after the mud proof belt snapped in it’s first bit of gloopy mud, forcing me to walk the 7 miles back to my car) with a normal chain drive. I have changed the Charge Spoon saddle for a Brooks C17 which fitted my bum better and I’ve fitted Maxxis Chronicles for the winter gloop, but the Knards will go back on for longer drier weather rides and when the summer arrives.

Although I’ve tightened up the eccentric bottom bracket a small bit a couple of times as the chain has stretched.

Now with added Travers bottles

It’s been used on long rides, bike packing trips, short rides, trail centres and there is nothing I would change about it.

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