Travers Bikes Prong 29 carbon fork

The Travers Bikes Prong 29 has been designed from the ground up to be the perfect weight weenie upgrade for your 29er or 29+ (plus) bike weighing in at only 639g it will knock about 1kg off a bike with front suspension. The prong 29 is also ideal as a winter upgrade for your MTB, cant face grinding hundreds of pounds of your beloved suspensions fork then the Prong 29 will make the ideal fit and forget fork for your bike.

The Travers carbon Prong 29 will accept an inflated 3″ tyre such as the Surly knard without letting it down to pass the brake caliper. The fork also has a carbon tapered headtube and 15mm thru axle.

The Prong 29 is available in 2 finishes, Matte or Gloss and also comes with or without mounts for a salsa anything cage for those who enjoy a bit of bivvy cycling.

Travers-Prong-29-angle-up Travers-Prong-29-back-gloss travers-prong-29-front-gloss travers-prong-29-gloss-anything-carbon-cage travers-prong-29-gloss-back Travers-Prong-29-left-side Travers-Prong-29-Matt-anything-cage travers-prong-29-matt-back Travers-prong-29-matt-front travers-prong-29-matt-left-leg travers-prong-29-matt-left-side travers-prong-29-matt-right-side travers-prong-29-matt-side-anything-salsa travers-prong-29-matt-up-anything-cage travers-prong-29-matt-up-front travers-prong-29-matt-up travers-prong-29-right-leg travers-prong-29-right-side


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