New Travers Carbon Prong 29er 29+ fork

The all new Carbon “Prong 29” has been designed from the ground to be the ultimate 29er / 29+ carbon fork. We started completely from scratch with the design, using our knowledge we gained from the original “Prong 29”.

Whats new? There is even more tyre clearance, with a minimum of 97mm between each fork leg and more than enough gap to get a fully inflated 29+ tyre on a 55mm rim between the brake caliper and fork leg! Weather you run a standard 29er or a 29+ setup you will be laughing when the conditions turn sticky…the added clearance will help you easily cope with even the talkiest mud!

The “Prong 29″ also comes with the latest 15mm thru axle technology, keeping the steering crisp and the front wheel tracking perfectly even on the trickiest of off camber turns. The fork is supplied with a QR 15mm axle.

The low down:
639g +/-5g
42mm fork rake
Suspension corrected geometry
485mm Axel to Crown
Carbon threadless steerer uncut length 300mm
Tapered steerer
15mm thru axle (supplied)
Direct mount disk brake
Ideal for 29er or 29+ bikes
Matte or Gloss finish
With or without “Salsa Anything cage mounts”
2 year Warranty on forks

The “Prong 29” has been tested and has exceeded the EN14766 standard.

No weight limit on the carbon Prong 29 fork


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