Rudy Fat 29+ “The Ultimate endurance bike”

Riding for 12 or 24 hours in an endurance event is hard on both body and bike but the sense of satisfaction you get at the end just cant be described.

I have been riding these event for a number of years now and have experimented with my fair share of bikes and components to build the ultimate endurance bike and I have come to the conclusion that simplicity is best. That is what led me to develop my own bike the “Rudy Fat” 29+. I make no secret of the fact that I do not follow fashion or trends but design bikes for my needs.

The main benefit of the 29+ platform is its ability to run standard components, you can simply transfer your equipment across from any other mountain bike (you will have to rebuild the wheels).


The “Rudy Fat” is a striped back light weight endurance rocket. The 29+ (29er plus) Knard tyres teamed up with the Travers “29 Prong” carbon fork insulates the rider from the worst of the trail buzz, not only that it weighs less than a standard 29er with suspension forks. Not only that other than a puncture there isn’t anything to go wrong!


The titanium “Rudy Fat” is also at home on a day out at the beach with its extra wide 50mm rims and 3″ tyres it simply rolls over the surface rather than digging in.


There is now a great range of 29+ rims available like the set of rather shiny Velocity Dually 29 which are tubeless compatible saving you about 800g


The image above show what the “Rudy Fat” 29+ looks like with standard 29er wheels in.



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