Cross tyres on Titanium 29er

Just doing a bit of experimenting with some cross tyres on my 29er, Main photo is a bit blurred, I had just washed the bike and the camera was a bit steamed up!

As you can see there is plenty of clearance at the front and back. The tyres wouldn’t seal tunelessly so I have run a road tube in them…without any problems so far. I have been doing a local CX evening series on this bike with Specialized renegade tyres, I will keep these cross tyres on for tomorrows race to see it it make any difference to the rolling resistance/my position. Its not really a fair comparison as the previous races have all been held on a rock hard dry circuits and tomorrow race looks like it will be wet and slippery.

I will report back.




One thought on “Cross tyres on Titanium 29er

  1. Race report: It really rained hard before the event which reduced the field down to 22 from the usual 40-50 riders. Even though had been raining with so few riders it didn’t turn muddy, because of the reduced field and conditions it was hard to give a fair comparison.
    Official results are not up yet but I think I came 6th. Grip seemed good on the grassy corners with a consistent feel, there was a ride able ditch crossing that did start to turn muddy as the event went on, this became a bit squirmy. I found it easier to keep up on the straights so my gut feeling is that there was less drag….I need to do some more miles to get a better comparison.

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