Tyre widths

When I was producing the first prototype titanium frames for my company (Travers Bikes) I spent hours on the internet research measurements on random components to make sure I had the clearance right for forks, cranks, hubs, brakes and tyres. I was quite shocked at how little information you could find. In an effort to make my company as transparent as possible and to help and included as many people as possible in the journey I will share my information as I go.

Today is tyres, which was a particularly difficult to get accurate information on, especially widths at different pressures and on different manufactures rims.

I apologise in advance for the state of my bike, I had just got back from a ride and the bike was a little muddy. The Renegade and the Nobby Nic’s were both run tubeless at around 35psi and sealed without any issues with just a track pump. The Ritchey comp CX tyres wouldn’t seal even with a compressor so ran these with tubes at 75psi.

Nobby Nic’s 29×2.25 on Stans Crest Rims at 35psi = 56.41mm




Specialized Renegade 29×1.95 on Stans Crest rims 35psi = 52.89mm




Ritchey Tyre Cross Comp Shield 700 x 35c on Stand Crest Rims 75psi = 36.91mm Image




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