Torq in your sleep (Gorrick)

I decided to get to the event early and camp from the Saturday, although the weather forecasts looked grim with heavy rain we were lucky to only have the odd heavy downpour, just as I was setting up the tent!

A quick chat with Steve (od-design) regarding stocking Od-Pods in Travers Bikes Team Colours and we (myself and team mate Jo) set off for a practice lap. The lap seemed very similar to last years course with the odd new section added in. It had a great mix of rooty flowing single track with the odd hill and steep drop to keep you awake.

I woke early on race day ready to start my favorite job of stocking my body up with food ready for the ensuing 12hr race. Bacon sandwich, rice pudding and numerous nibbles dispatched along with plenty of fluid I was ready for the days main event.

The start took the usual form of a grassy start loop to spread the field out then skipping the first technical section and straight onto the fire road. I tried to keep this steady, keeping a beady eye on my heart rate although some sections it was just easier to blast up then relax a bit on the down hill. The first 6 hours went pretty much to plan, maybe I pushed a little harder than planed but I was happy with the progress until out of nowhere my legs went pop. I had kept the food intake at a good level and I had kept drinking but for some reason my body had given up the ghost with 6 hours still remaining. I stopped for a short break by my tent to take on some proper food then headed out again. I dragged myself round for another 4 hours but at the 10 hour mark I started making silly mistakes, misjudging corners, not being able to ride in a straight line! So I decided to call it a day.

I just had to sit back and watch the others riders for the last 2 hours as I slowly slipped down the leader board eventually finishing in 24th place (out of 49).

Great event really well organised! cant wait for next year.


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