A Shimano solution to 1×10 setup

I have been searching for a chainring that i could use on my Shimano 1×10 set up for a while, you could say I am a bit picky! for the last year I have been run 1×10 (37t) with a chain guide…in fact a number of chain guides. I tried different solutions but just wasn’t happy with any of them. The chain guide worked great until the chain did come off on a rocky section or a crash then it would normally get jammed and the only way to get it back on was to squeeze it back past the chain guide. This normally led to either getting the allen key out and readjusting the guide or if I was in a rush leave it and the guide would eventually come loose and I would have no choice but to stop and fix it.

Then along came Sram XX1 with a different tooth profile that held the chain much more secure than a standard ring and did away with the chain guide. Okay…just what I am after but sadly non compatible with the Shimano 104 BCD. This led me to the absoluteBLACK chainrings with their unique wide-narrow tooth profile.


Installation was a breeze as it was a straight swap for the previous chainring. I replace the chain and added a new cassette to get the most benefits from my first ride. Setup of the chain length was also straight forward with the easy to follow pictorial guide.

Out the the trail the difference is soon apparent, no more clatter from the chain hitting on the chain guide when running over rocky/bumpy sections. The snug fit of the chain on the chainring teeth gave a new confidence when accelerating out of corners, maybe it was just the combination of the new chain and tooth profile but the bike seemed to be more responsive, the chain would be less slack when putting the power down. To date the chain hasn’t come off once! not even when I peddled backwards whilst bumping down steps!




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