Titanium bike frame

The forgotten super material.

*Pulls up chair and eases feet into comfy slippers*, now when I was a lad everybody hankered after a titanium frame, it was lauded for its ride qualities, light weight and robustness. I remember thumbing through MBUK and dribbling over the latest Merlin, Dean or Fat Chance titanium offering. Those days of titanium being lusted after as the pinnacle of frame material seem to be diminishing with the up-start ‘carbon fibre’ muscling in on the act.

Carbon seemed to be the answer, even lighter than titanium, cheaper and malleable into practically any frame shape or design you could think of. Titanium slipped out of favour with frame manufacturers for other more practical reasons. The bigger carbon tubes provide a larger surface area for manufacturers to plaster their brand across and the production of carbon frames could be more easily achieved on a mass produced basis. 

The properties that made the titanium frame so popular in the first place are lost in the never ending pursuit of increasing profit margins. Travers Bikes titanium frames all come with a lifetime warranty for the rider because of their resistance to fatigue…how many carbon frames offer that? A bespoke titanium frame can be made far cheaper than a one off carbon frame. Strangely rather than getting cheaper, high end carbon frames are now costing into the thousands of pounds, and not forgetting the reason we all ride, the quality of the ride, the feedback you get and the almost magical insulating properties titanium has from trail buzz.

Titanium has the added benefit of being resistant to corrosion so there is no need for a gaudy paint job, with the natural colour laid bare, you can have it finished in either a brushed, bead blasted or polished appearance.

Titanium frames can be designed to accommodate the latest advancement in technology but because of the classic lines and tube profiles they will never go out of fashion. Any of the titanium frames Travers Bikes currently offer can be customised to your needs (for a small fee). You like “Rudy” our race ready 29er which can be run with derailleur gears (rear mech), single speed or hubs gears but want a different bottom bracket?..we can do that.Image


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